Lies. All he is
is lies.
Perfect? Yes.
But real? Definitely not.

I want him and all of his overbearing perfection
beside me, near me, close to me,
so I can feel him breathe
and sense every slight movement of his
incredible muscle pushed up against me.

I want to feel his supernatural skin and the way it’s soft
yet unbreakable.
I want to hear his imaginary heart beating
as I lay my head on his sculpted chest.

I want to weaken him.
Kryptonite just won’t do.
But the love of a woman is strong enough
to weaken even the strongest man.

I want him to feel it.
I want him to be vulnerable.
But most of all, I want him
to love me back from the bottom
of his fake heart.

And then i will break him.
Tell him lies.
Say that I don’t really love him
Our love, it was just a game to me.
I’ll tell him these things,
even though in my heart I know
I truly love him.

I’ll test him.
See if he can endure the wrath
of a heartbroken woman.
I will shoot him down relentlessly
with talk of leaving him alone.

And I will succeed because I know
he can dodge a real bullet,
but not my bullet that cuts
straight to the heart.

And while his perfect body is laying helpless on the ground,
I will stand over him and I will say,

"Can you save
me this time

- Poem by yours truly - miss-mescudi